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*All meters come with one year initial calibration certificate.


  • Belt or pocket clip
  • Additional probes and custom lengths available.


Dimensions:  4.409 x 2.618 x 1.102 inches

Weight:  5.15 oz (146 gms)

Range: +/- 1999 Gauss (GM-PS);

             +/-199.9 Gauss (GM-PSL)

​Accuracy:  +/- 2.0% of reading; +/- 2 counts

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​NDT Co. in Mid-West

DC Gauss Meter Model GM-PS

and GM-PSL

These low cost, compact Gauss Meters provide easy one handed operation. Small enough to fit in the operators'  pocket for "on the go" measurements, determining the levels of residual magnetism has never been more stress free. Included is a 6"  sturdy Hall Effect probe with a small head design for reaching into tight clearances. The 9V battery and low energy consumption provides a long time between battery changes.  

Instructions for use clearly written on back label.

Gauss Meter

The GM-PS has a range of +/- 1999 Gauss, perfect for welders or applications where lower Gauss levels are not critical.

The GM-PSL has a range of +/- 199.9 Gauss, suitable for more precise lower Gauss readings.

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