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Are You Experiencing?:

  • Electrical Run Out
  • False Vibration
  • Inaccurate and Fluctuating Temperature Readings
  • Inaccurate RPM Data
  • Unnecessary Trips​

No matter what the part or machine, if you have unwanted residual magnetism our service engineers can help you.  Please contact us for a free consultation.

Residual magnetism in rotating equipment is a silent predator affecting everything from rotating parts to sensitive probe data.  Destroying bearings, journals and close tolerance parts, it can bring a machine down at any time.  Loss of productivity and costly repairs are two of the biggest issues facing plant managers every day.  Call us for a magnetic survey at your next scheduled shutdown to ensure your machine will be problematic free.  We can provide onsite demagnetizing services should the need arise.

One of the most common and costly welding issues that arise is arc blowout.  Arc blowout is a condition caused by residual magnetism whereby the magnetic field, "blows" or prevents the root weld from being placed.  GFAs can facilitate your welding job by controlling this troublesome magnetism.  Whether you are dealing with pipe repair or pipe ready to be fitted, GFAs engineers will come on site to provide assistance.  

Magnetic Survey/Demagnetizing 

​Magnetic Survey and Demagneiing with Degaussing;Pipleine Welding

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