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Degauss Training Outline for Pipeline Welding


 I   Magnetism Basics

   This section will outline the properties of magnetism giving each participant the general principles of magnetics and its impact on pipes.


II   Functions and Use of the Degauss Equipment and Gauss meter

  This section will outline the general positioning of the cables and the function capabilities of the machine. 

   This will include when and why you would use each function and the role of the Gauss meter.


III   Best Practices to Ensure Maintaining a Well-Functioning Unit

   This section will deal with how to keep the Degauss unit in working order.  What to look for to ensure the safety of the machine and the efficacy of the unit.

IV   Personnel Protection

   This section will outline safety practices for the individuals operating the unit and surrounding personnel.

   This will include any PPE related to the specific industry.

  V   Question and Answer Session

    Q & A from all participants

                                                                 VI   Hands On Training

 This section will provide individuals the ability to put into practice the information provided above. 

    This includes a demonstration first by the trainer then followed by hands on utilization by the participants.

NOTE: Call us to schedule your onsite training session for pipe demagnetizing or to help facilitate welding and avoid arc blow out.

On Site Training

Giglio Freeman Associates engineers will come on site to train your personnel on the uses of a degaussing machine and/or Gauss meter.  

  • Where to place your Gauss meter to obtain a proper measurement is vital if you are to achieve your goal.
  • Knowing where to place your cable is imperative if you want it to be effective.
  • What type of current (AC vs DC) and how much to apply is the difference between success and failure.

Experience providing this knowledge to large pipeline companies, GFAs will bring to your facility or job site, unparalleled expertise to ensure your personnel can accomplish their goals.

Hands on training is the only way to know that everyone is provided the same information.  With different skill sets, the more knowledge you deliver to your critical personnel, the faster they can produce the results you want.  Each training session comes with 3 training manuals included (additional manuals are available for a nominal fee).

​Please call us for a free estimate.

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