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"Sandy and her staff have been of very good service to my chemical plant diagnosing problems with critical rotating equipment. Their findings allowed me to mitigate problems and avoid a shutdown that would have resulted in a 25 million dollar opportunity cost. I have worked with her since 2013. 

Charlie S.   BASF 

Giglio Freeman Associates, LLC Shaft Voltage measurement

All rotating equipment has it's own unique electrical signature.  Knowing your machine's base line signature is an important step in determining the health of your equipment.  From the root cause of machine damage to helping in the preventative maintenance, taking measurements is only one part.  Proper analysis of these data comes from years of experience and expertise. When you hire an engineer to provide you with shaft voltage measurements,  be sure you are getting someone with experience.  Our engineers have been providing this service to clients worldwide. Let us bring you accurate diagnostic  information.

Shaft Voltage Measurement

​Shaft Voltage Testing