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Our Promise

Giglio Freeman Associates,  LLC


   Giglio Freeman Associates, is the joint venture of two engineers, Phil Giglio and Sandy Freeman, who together hold 30 + years’ experience lending support and services to many industries.

 Phil Giglio brings his experience providing clients with onsite magnetic surveys, demagnetizing, shaft voltage and grounding brush analysis. His experience, knowledge and expertise have provided clients' the comprehensive data needed to make decisions. Some of the issues Phil has addressed are magnetized pipes, bearing damage, grounding brush placement and excessive wear, and root cause analysis.  Phil provides the testing required to address these and many more  concerns that are important to our clients.

 Sandy Freeman brings experience providing clients with telephone and onsite support. She excels in bringing to the client a quick resolution to their immediate needs.  Previously holding the position of Director of Engineering, Sandy’s skills are integral in the initial communication to final completion of any project. Sandy’s prior medical background provides  a unique understanding of the needs and workings of the medical field whether it is in a hospital setting, doctor’s office or clinic.    Sandy and Phil provide clients with the best short term solution and long term planning available in the industry.  

As Electrical Engineers, Phil and Sandy bring to each project an unparalleled insight and skill set. Together, they are an invaluable asset when dealing with issues arising from residual magnetism,  EDM damage, shaft grounding, and various manufacturing machinery issues.

 Sandy’s strong organizational skill together with Phil’s field  experience,  provide their clients with a totally comprehensive package necessary to develop solutions for the immediate need and a plan for the long term.

Available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, Phil and Sandy look forward to working with you whenever and wherever you need us.

Phil: 910.200.3566

Sandy: 732.766.2566