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Team, Phil and Sandy helped us in solving the TG2 shaft grounding problem and also the same issue on 22-KT/K-1. Feel free to reach out to them should you have any questions about grounding systems, or bearing damage from suspect stray current.  Also demagnetizing after machine work....

 Chris Bond
Rotating Equipment Manager


"I just wanted to drop you both a line to let you know that our ESD levels are back to normal and that that the grounding brushes are lasting well.

 Thanks again to you both for helping us troubleshoot and resolve this issue....We look forward to working with you both again in the future."

SB   Senior Specialist, Rotating Equipment Integrity (Canada and US), Nutrien Engineering, Technology and Capital group.


“Yes Mamm, we are pleased (with the gaussmeters)”

Western Regional Director Xray company

Tel: +1.732.766.2566; +1.910.200.3566

serving our customers worldwide             

"Thanks Sandy. I will keep this in mind as you and Phil have done a great job on our needs. Good luck in your new venture!"

MN       Sulzer Pumps

Hey Phil, it’s been years since our last encounter. I want you to know both applications you helped us with were solved thanks to you. 1- turbine generator failure at a cost of 1 million per failure (3 failures from electrolysis). Failure due to electrolysis and installed a different grounding brush. Problem solved. 2- air blower bearing damage from electrolysis. No severe damage costing more than say 5k. But , after your analysis and recommendations of adding grounding brushes we have found zero defects since installing Sore brushes.  Thanks again- 

NE Rotating Equipment Manager

 "Residual magnetism in our air compressor impellers was damaging our bearings by generating stray shaft currents. Giglio Freeman came in and degaussed on short notice during our turnarounds on two separate occasions.  We have tripled our runtime and vibration is the same as the day we started up-thanks!"

 Matt M. Rotating Equipment Engineer

"Sandy and her staff have been of very good service to my chemical plant diagnosing problems with critical rotating equipment. Their findings allowed me to mitigate problems and avoid a shutdown that would have resulted in a 25 million dollar opportunity cost. I have worked with her since 2013. 
Charlie S.   BASF Engineer

“…[the] cable is working just fine. And that's what we want. Thanks...”

R. P. Technical Manager NE producer of steel 

"Thank you, we like them so much we want another"
NDT Co. in Mid-West